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Building a business is hard. It's even harder on your own.

We're the UK's #1 Indie Hackers community.

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Monthly Meetups.
Meet up to 100 other London Indie Hackers at our monthly events: IndieBeers and Indie London. Stay in touch with each other on Slack after.
Founder Interviews.
We discuss tactics, lessons learned and more with local London founders of companies like Simple Poll, VEED and Copywriting Examples.
Exclusive Slack.
Join over 1,200+ of us on our members only Slack. Stay in touch with other bootstrappers, solve problems together and unlock special discounts.

About the community

Back in March 2018, we kickstarted the Indie London community with the first Indie London meetup, Our vision was to provide a local space for London Indie Hackers, makers and bootstrappers who wanted to connect, learn and share their experience of starting a business.

Today, Indie London is a diverse group of makers from all backgrounds with a common goal of building profitable internet businesses.

Come and join us if you're a solo founder, software engineer, designer, product manager, marketer or bootstrapper. Even if you're just starting out, we're a community all about sharing and growing as a group.

Ghyslain Gaillard

Ghyslain's passion for entrepreneurship led him to start Indie London in 2018 – a series of events for bootstrappers who wished to connect, learn and share their experience of running a business.

Now baed in Oslo, Ghyslain's phasing out his involvement, but you'll still see him around on Slack and occasional events.


Charlie Ward

Charlie's the founder of IndieBeers & Weekend Club. After being a long-time Indie London attendee and member, he took ownership of Indie London from July 2020.

His intention is to make London the most vibrant community of Indie Hackers in the world, in order to make it accessible to more people. For any questions, partnerships or even just a random chat, just reach out!